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Osmo oil, osmao wax, morrells lacquer

There are lots of finishing options for your wardrobe or piece of furniture with the most common being OSMO oil and wax.

OSMO oils and waxes provide protection from greese, dirt and water.

They also come in many sheens and tints.

OSMO is especially good for veneered and solid wood furniture.


Other finishes available are lacquers.

Lacquers are a type of varnish and are specifically made for furniture.

We use a brand leading company called MORRELLS as they give brilliant protection and an excellent overall finish.

You can choose from a low, medium or high sheen.

We generally advise on a low sheen, as it usually shows off the wood grain more and has a more natural look and feel.

Please visit the FINISHES sub pages for more information.

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