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Regarding our hand painted finishes, we do things a little differently!

Our painting facilities allow us to paint our furniture in components rather than as a whole.

This technique gives a smoother finish with no brush or roller marks compared to painting the piece as a whole once fitted.

Another advantage is we do not actually use rollers or brushes, but instead use an Airless Sprayer.

This allows us to give our customers a far superior finish compared to painting with a brush and roller.

We still class this as hand painted but not without the additional spraying costs *

Any colour or sheen is possible including any paint brand, with a brilliant white eggshell and satinwood being the most popular

Most clients choose to use a hand painted finish for their interiors as its durable & hard wearing.

Other uses are to give a piece of furniture a more hand crafted feel, brush marks can be added on the last top coat of paint to give this look.

We work alongside a professional spray team to be able to offer the very highest quality spray painted finishes



*Please note that Airless spraying and professional spraying have different finishes.

 For a high end flawless finish you will need to opt for a profession spray finish.

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