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Making a beautiful Under Stairs storage cupboard from start to finish...

We were given the pleasure to build this by Alison and Gary Phillips of St Albans.

It was an enjoyable job but not straight forward.

The photo below is the completed unit, carry on reading to find out how it was made and see step by step photos.

First thing to do was to knock down the existing timber stud wall and make good.

Once this was done we took exact dimensions.

From these dimensions we came up with a design using Alisons sketches and layout, and then drew up a few of our own drawings.

We then used our own drawings to get a cutting list made and cut up all of the components.

After all the components were cut up and numbered we made a full size rod (drawing of the cupboard in full scale).

This was important as there are lots of angled cuts in this unit including the doors.

Once the Rod was drawn up in full scale, Alison and Gary popped over to the workshop to take a look at the design.

A few things were tweaked and construction got underway.

We started on the drawers first to get them out of the way before starting on the units.

Using the Rod, we took the angles from it and transferred them onto the unit components.

When all of the unit components were marked out they were cut using the table saw.

We then marked out all the divisions and shelves and also where the drawer runners should be fixed.

Once all the units were marked out this way we machined them using a biscuiter (slotted dowels for strength) and sanded them up to a p240 finish.

Now with all the components marked out, machined, biscuited & sanded, it was time to put the finish on. We applied 3 coats of Morrells lacquer.

Time to construct!

This was the first section of 3.

The slot on the side of the drawer is so the drawer can pass the hinge.

This was the second section of 3

We do not have a construction photo of the third section.

Now that the units were complete, the doors and external panels had to be made.

We already had the doors and panels cut to size from earlier, so added the shaker style panelling to them.

We then laid them on the Rod in the correct positions and maked all the cut lines.

Lastly we cut the angles on the table saw and the were ready to drill out for hinges and paint.

The rear of the fixed panels and doors were also painted to avoid bowing. The unpainted strips on the rear of the fixed panels were so the adhesive had something solid to fix to.

Now for the fitting...

The units were placed on top of levelled bearers and then fixed down into them and into the upper angled wall section.

(Excuse the 2 low quality photos below)

Drawers were then added and doors were hung and aligned.

With the doors on, we placed 3mm shims inbetween the doors and above the doors & also put blocks under them to take the weight of the panels above whilst the adhesive was curing.

First panel on.

Second & third panel on.

Fourth panel on.

Last panel on.

Another shot.

Here it is...

Finally complete after 2 days fitting.

A very functional & attractive Understairs storage unit Made from Birch Ply.

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